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29. - 31.01.2016. MERANO, Italija, Ivo Lukić, Dominik Krasnić – evangelizatori

29. - 31.01.2016. BIOGRAD, Marijan Presečki, Željko Pažin - evangelizatori

29. - 31.01.2016. SAMOBOR (Gradna), Zrinka Šarić, Ivica Lulić, Marina Peterlin, evangelizatori

05. - 07.02.2016. Župa sv. križa Siget, Ljerka jurkić, Marijan Presečki, evangelizatori

                         Petak, 19 -21 h
                         Subota, 9-12 i 16-19 h
                         Nedjelja, 9-11:30 i 16-18 h

05. - 07.02.2016. Župa sv. Kvirina, Pantovčak, Željko Pažin, Dominik Krasnić

                         Petak, 19 -21 h
                         Subota, 9-12 i 16-19 h
                         Nedjelja, 9-12 i 16-18 h

05. - 07.02.2016. SPLIT

12. - 14.02.2016. LUZERN, Švicarska, Ivo Lukić, Silva Vrdoljak

12. - 14.02.2016. IRSKA, Zrinka Šarić

12. - 14.02.2016. OMIŠ

19. - 21.02.2016. JASTREBARSKO, Petrovina, Zrinka Šarić, Dominik Krasnić, Nada Puškar

26. - 28.02.2016. Međubiskupijsko sjemenište, Voćarska 106., Prof.dr. Tomislav Ivančić i suradnici




The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine whether to build a new website for Hagiotherapy and anthropological medicine.

The website would exist on 4 different languages and it's primary purpose is to provide support to all attendants of studies in Hagiotherapy, to help them continuously learn new things as well as publish all existing materials on the topic that are currently available only in Croatian language. The main page would be available to anyone seeking help or wanting to learn something new, while Hagioasistants would log in via their username and password (payable three month fee or a yearly fee) to get data crucial for their work, all translated onto their own language.


We kindly ask that you answer ALL questions asked below as your answers will greatly help us determine which information would be of use to you in your work in Hagioteraphy. Please do not refrain from expressing your opinions, suggestions and ideas on what you wish to read/see on those pages.





Nova evangelizacija i hagioterapija na internetu. Želiš li čuti Riječ, razmisliti o njoj i tijekom dana pretvoriti je u LJUBAV? SLUŠAJ "MINUTU ZA TEBE"!...više

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