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Dear all!

Warm greetings and may God's blessing be with all of you.

We wish to inform you that the VII. International Study on Hagiotherapy and Anthropological Medicine will be held from 04. July to 09. July 2016. in Zagreb.

The study will take place in the Inter-diocesan Seminary, Zagreb, 106 Voćarska Street, and as on previous years, it will be organized by the Prayer and Word Community.

Dr Tomislav Ivancic and his associates will lead the Study.

We wish to invite all of you who who participated in the I, II , III, IV, V,VI, VII th study to join us, as well all of those who are interested in committing to Hagiotherapy and who will, by joining us on this year’s, VIIIth. study, start their training in Hagiotherapy .

The study will simultaneously be translated into German, English and Italian language.


A ) Conditions for participation in the study are as follows:

     1. A person is psychologically and physically able to work in Hagiotherapy and the New     Evangelization;

     2. They have at least completed secondary school;

     3. They are motivated to work with Hagiopatients;

     4. They lead a convincingly moral life

     5. After completing their training i Hagiotherapy and formation, they are ready to work as a Hagioasistant

B ) The application should be accompanied by :

     1. Certificate of educational attainment (copy of certificate)

     2. Short biography – following the conditions set out above. Furthermore, indicate the reason why you want to study Hagiotherapy.

The above documents, along with the application, do not need to be submitted by: priests, nuns, and as well as of those who have submitted the above documentation with the application for some of the previous studies of Hagiotherapy.

Please be sure to fill out the application form on the form located on our website

If you do not send the original application form, we will not be able to accept your application. Participants who register for the first time can send their documents via e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or in post:

Zajednica Molitva i Riječ,

Kaptol 13,

10000 Zagreb


Those who can not complete the application form via the Internet, can send it by post or via e-mail.


Study fee amounting to 500.00 kn (for participants who follow in the Croatian language)

and 170.00 EUR for students from the EU and other continents.


IBAN HR7423400091110057682, BIC SWIFT CODE PBZGHR2X

When making payment PLEASE SPECIFY:

Name of the applicant, Registration fee for VIII. Study - 2016.

Confirmation of payment should be presented on the date when registering for the Study at Registar's desk in Zagreb.

For further information please contact us via telephone: 00385 1 4817 505, Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 15:00 or via e - mail address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The application deadline is until 30 June 2016.

We will be grateful if you would share this announcement with all who are interested in the VIII. International Study of Hagiotherapy.


Each participant is required to ensure accomodation ih his/her own arrangement. In order to help, we are happy to provide a list of hotels and hostels closest to the place of Study, in Zagreb City center.


Hostel Shappy Varšavska 8 00385 1 4830 483
Hostel Chic Zagreb Pavla Hatza 10 00385 1 779 3760
Hostel Nagusto Tkalčićeva 31 00385 95 859 0612
City Centre Hostel Tkalčićeva 37 00385 921411575
Youth Hostel Zagreb Petrinjska str. 77 00385 1 4841261
Chillout Hostel Zagreb Tomićeva 5A 00385 1 48 49 605
00385 95 4444012
DUBROVNIK Ljudevit Gaja 1 00385 1 4863-555
ASTORIA Petrinjska 71 00385 1 4808-900
CENTRAL Branimirova 3 00385 1 4841-122
JAGERHORN Ilica 14 00385 1 4833 877
PASTORALNI INSTITUT Kaptol 29 A 00385 1 5522 000 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
KAPTOLSKI DVORI Kaptol 26 00385 1 64 54 915 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;

In the inter-diocesan seminary (the place of study e-mail for accommodation This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



pod geslom

Voditelji: Prof.dr. Tomislav Ivančić i suradnici
Vrijeme održavanja: od 20. do 22. svibnja 2016.
Mjesto održavanja:  Međubiskupijsko sjemenište, Voćarska 106 (Šalata)
Početak: petak 20. svibnja 2016. u18 sati



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